Chat Case Study
Chat Case Study


Success Story:

Chat partnered up with Numinous Digital and used Facebook as their main customer acquisition during their most unoccupied time of the year.


increase in sales compared to January


increase in sales in March

Their story:

Chat Cafe Bar is well known in Dorset for offering its true Italian food and stunning panoramic views of Sandbanks, Brownsea Island and The Purbecks beyond.

Their Goal:

Formerly known as ‘Italian Gossip’ wanted to use Facebook as their main customer acquisition during the Italian restaurants most unoccupied time of the year as well as building brand awareness and ultimately driving sales

“Thank you to Numinous Digital, love the work they have done for the restaurant. Very professional service and have gone above and beyond to ensure the restaurant was represented to a high standard. Social media is a true expertise, and it’s rare to find a company that really understands how to leverage this medium. Numinous Digital are a great social media company and haveexceeded expectations.”
Alessandro Marra – Owner

Our Solution:

We knew that we had our work cut out for us: not only did we need to grow brand awareness fast, but we also had to spread the word that ‘Italian Gossip’ had now rebranded to ‘Chat Cafe Bar’ we had already identified a specific demographic as our main target.

Chat’s distinctive visual identity is a major factor in the restaurant’s popularity in Poole so we needed a strong creative approach. Given Facebook’s strength as a video platform, video ads were a natural choice for the campaign —showcasing the quality and style of Chat’s stunning panoramic views through drone footage and the true Italian kitchen in a powerful, engaging format. As the campaign progressed, we were able to retarget ads to demographics with video view rates of 50% and higher.

Allowing us to then tailor the ads to this higher-quality audience, who were shown more sophisticated content. This resulted in an increase in sales and general brand awareness around the Poole, Bournemouth region.

Chat - Numinous Digital Case Study
Chat - Numinous Digital Case Study
Chat - Numinous Digital Case Study
Chat - Numinous Digital Case Study